Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wave Newspaper Editiorial Toon Welcome to the Neighborhood

This Editorial toon focuses on a local issue in Far Rockways' shopping area on Beach 116th street. Two major properties have been acquired by a Mr. Duckman, who has plans to convert the buildings on 116 and 114 streets into either low income section eight housing facilities, halfway houses, or centers for recovering substance abusers. The 116th street area is the major hub for buses and trains in and out of the Far Rockaway area, a major shopping area, as well as an "entry way" into the beach area. Opponents of Duckman's plans feel that once implemented, there will be an increase of drug addicts, vagrants, and other displaced people in the area which will make things uncomfortable for visitors and residents. Local residents are already seeing a steady increase of such individuals in the area and fear that property values as well as public safety will be at risk once these facilities are built.

Editorial Cartoon Republican Reaction To Obama's Health Care Bill Passing

WAVE Newspaper Editorial Commenting on Political reaction of Republicans who opposed the bills passing. This was a cartoon that practically drew itself, and I couldn't wait to put pen to paper to do it! Some GOP members who aggressively protested the passage of this bill, feel that it was figuratively "shoved down their throat" and is leaving a bad taste in their mouths, thus making them sick.....