Saturday, November 14, 2009

latest Editorial cartoons

Anyone who lives in the Rockaway Park is familiar with the HORRIFIC parking problems in the area. This cartoon accompanies an editorial that offers a solution to the problem.

The other cartoon calls attention to the legal loophole inadvertently created by congressmen Meeks, and Weiner, that allows firearms to be sold to anyone willing to cross state lines to PA, Florida, Ohio, North and South Carolina to attend a gun show. In these states, only "antique weapons" as supposed to be sold and displayed, but that is often not the case. Many of the firearms in the Rockaways are linked to weapons purchased in these states.
In a recent New York Magazine interview, Congressman Weiner, featured here, commented that although he comes under criticism with the paper, nevertheless, he is a faithful reader. I recently sent him a large resolution version of the cartoon which he happily accepted.

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