Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ralph Bakshi: Surviving In Tough Times

LOVE this interview by Ralph. It's a wake up call to action to anyone who SERIOUSLY wants or SAYS they want to be a creator. Comic artist, animator or whatever. I dont like EVERYTHING Ralph Does or did, in fact I find some of his work, particularly in Coonskin quite disturbing, and being a Black Man I suppose I would. But even with that criticism I respect very highly what he accomplished with SO LITTLE and in the face of impossible odds. Disney WAS THE POWER in those days Ralph animated and HE took them ON and WON totally on his own terms, drawing and writing stories HE cared about. As a creator I respect that. Also, Ralph is not just some "white boy elitist lattie drinking yuppie" but was raised in BROWNSVILLE BROOKLYN, so I even MORE respect him. WATCH this Vid. LISTEN TO WHAT HE SAYS, TELL YOUR FRIENDS. Then DO SOMETHING. I know I AM!!

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  1. At one point he says, I GOT NO RESPECT FOR YOU!!! How many people would even have the guts to say THAT to an audience of fans, and risk not being "called back" because of "politically incorrect" remarks?