Thursday, June 25, 2009

Larger Than Life's "Brittany Spears" Episode Comic/Storyboard

During the time this cartoon was concieved, Music Pop star, Brittany Spears was exhibiting some truely bizarre behavior that began with her cutting off all of her hair. Since The character of Seven was a Music Video Show host, we decided that he would interview Brittany and find out why she had cut her hair. The story starts off with the producer of the show wondering what he could do to boost ratings. His daughter suggests he hire Seven to bring attract the hip hop youth market, and promises that they will have a surprise special guest. Seven and "gurl" (that's the character's name by the way) discuss the possibilities over lunch, and gurl suggests Brittany Spears who she knows personally. On the date of the show, Brittany explains to Seven that she cut her hair in order to be in character for a Kung Fu Flick she was in with Jet Li called Shaolin Kung Fu Ninja Bimbos. Seven asks for a demonstration, and gets one firsthand, or "first foot'. Gurl's father, who is also a racist, congratulates Seven on his hilarious performance, pays him, and encourages him to do a similar show.

I know Ive said a mouthful but wanted this all to make sense.

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