Thursday, June 25, 2009

Larger Than Life Character Designs For Nathan Seven Scott

The Cast for Larger than Life: Seven the star of the series whose character is loosly based on Nathan Seven Soctt. Seven is a High School Music VJ who works for Big Daddy's Internet Music Show Seven is opinionated, ambitious, and is willing to do anything to succeed, including put up with Gurl's unwanted advances, because he needs to work for her father's company. Seven also has a relationship with his laptop computer, "G" who unknown to everyone else, is really alive.

Gurl, is a cheerleader at the same high school Seven attends, and has a crush on him much to Seven's annoyance. Gurl rich daughter of Big Daddy. Her character is outgoing, kindhearted, and a little dizzy.

Big Daddy is the filthy rich owner of the music station, who is very driven, money hungry, and also a closet racist. He resents the fact that he has to employ Seven, but jkust cant say goodbye to the money and ratings that Seven's show brings in.

Boye is a Hip Hop Japanese Whiz kid who has an African American Soul

Doing this series was again, one of my most enjoyable projects. I was sorry to see it end, as the characters were fun to do , and we were still in the formative stages of the project when it came to an end, but oh well, that's the world of freelancing for you.

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