Thursday, June 25, 2009

Larger Than Life "Virtually Reality Episode" Comic/storyboard

This particular larger than life episode was my personal favorite. in this Episode, Boye and Seven are sucked into "Miss G", Seven's talking laptop. While inside the vitual world, they must solve the mystery of why Miss G is sick, and make a startling discovery. I had total creative control of the storyline and content and had an opportunity to really experiment. Since they were trapped inside a virtual world I didnt have to restrain myself with drawing conventional backgrounds, and anatomy. I felt to do so would take away from the whole "virtual" Experience. I got some great visuals done on this segment, but it proved to be the last episode, as Nathan went on to concentrate on other projects.
The "Big Apple" they eventually meetis "miss G's " Brain, named "Apple" of course.

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